Third session – The roller coaster of Ayahuasca and its healing powers


Hello Again,

The time has finally come to my third taste of this mysterious and miraculous tea that is Ayahuasca .

This time it was a little different, due to the time of the year, the session revolved around the person of Jesus (Obviously).

This time the session started a little later that usual, 9 o’clock. We all sat down and waited to be called to receive the tea.

I got my glass, a full glass this time, and waited until everybody had been served.

The master gave the signal and we all drank at once. I put my glass away and sat down waiting for the tea to kick in. At this moment, a lot of stuff went through my mind. I was worried about being sick, worried about effect the tea would have on me this time, worried that I might see something unpleasant and so on. It was then that I decided to say a prayer and simply waited without any expectations. (This seem to be the best strategy for someone drinking the tea for the first few times).

In a matter of 10 minutes, I could fell the muscles on my body relaxing, especially on my face.

The master started telling stories about Jesus and singing songs about the divine trinity and the more I tried to concentrate on the teachings, the more irritated I got.

I guess…It’s more or less like going to a regular church. Sometimes you like the sermon, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you like the preacher, sometimes you don’t. Well…In this case, I didn’t like it.

But a few minutes later, all of a sudden, I was loving it. I was felling peaceful and was sitting there paying attention to the session.

And that’s pretty much how the session went until more or less 11’oclock, like a roller coaster.  It was then that the visions started.

I closed my eyes, concentrated on the words being said by the master and tried just enjoy the astral trip.

A lot of psychedelic like images appeared in front of me. Colourful Lines, circles, triangles and etc. Until that a bunch of lines decided to group together and form a lump like shape in front me, to which three holes appeared on its side and from these holes, blood stated to pour out.

That was it for me then, I knew at that moment that I was going to be sick again. I calmly stood up and went to the toilet.

I bent down in front of the toilet and just waited for it. Then it came. Firstly, just water came out, but there was more to come and I was feeling sicker than ever. It was then that a  small blob of blood came out and then again.

Done….that discomfort I had been feeling in my stomach for 2 weeks was gone.

But I heard the voice in my head again: – “You need to eat properly”

From there it was pretty much like going back to the beginning of the session. I was feeling calm, irritated, calm, irritated……. until the session was over.

The master then closed the session and food was served.

And me… usual….overate and packed on the meat AGAIN.

Anyway, It’s been more or less a week now and my stomach is holding up ok.

Also, I have managed to eat a little more healthier and stay away from junkie food, meat and etc.

Let’s see what the next session brings. I am getting anxious already.

Thanks for reading and until next time.





The mythological birth of Ayahuasca – (Just to break the ice in between sessions)

oaskaHello everybody,

I thought it would be interesting to tell a little story here. That’s actually the mythological story that is told within the Ayahuasca circle of how the tea (Which, obtain its properties from the combination of two different plants) came to be.

Of course it’s just a story and does not need to be believed, but if you, like me, are interested in that kind of stuff; I am sure you will enjoy. At the end of the day…no one ever died from knowing too much.

Ohhhh yes. I almost forgot to say. Despite this post not containing any of my visions; Apparently this story was revealed to some of the first Ayahuasca drinkers in a vision a long time ago and that’s how it goes. Enjoy!!!!

In a time before the great flood, there existed a king called king Inca. This king had a counselor, a mysterious woman whose name was Oaska. This woman could see into the future and knew mysteries that no one else did.

The King in turn relied heavily on Oaska’s counselling to make his day to day decisions. But one day Oaska passed and was then buried. After a few days the king, feeling disoriented without his counselor, went to her grave to mourn her just to find that, where Oaska had been buried, an unknown tree, unlike any other, had grew. Examining it, he said:
“If the tree was born in Oaska’s grave, so her name is Oaska.”chacrona

After many and many years, a boy named Tiuaco was born in the kingdom of King Inca. He went so far as to be the King’s trusted marshal. One day the king invited Tiuaco to come and visit Oaska’s grave.

The marshal, hearing of the incident with the mysterious woman, accompanied him. Arriving at Oaska’s grave, the king said:
“What if we made tea from Oaska leaves?” Maybe we could talk to her spirit and know her secrets and mysteries! Let’s try!
He took some leaves, made the tea, and said to Tiuaco:
“Tiuaco, drink the tea and see if you can speak with the spirit of Oaska to learn of her secrets and mysteries.
Tiuaco drank the tea. The force of Oaska then presented itself and grew so much that Tiuaco did not resist and made the passage within the force and the light. The king could do nothing but bury his marshal.
Later, in time, the king also passed and both his name and this story were forgotten. Many, many years later, a boy was born and named Solomon. Salomon was given the gift of science and wisdom.
Solomon was educated in the mysteries of the earth and sky and hearing about the story of the mysterious woman and king Inca, he and his trusted vassal, Caiano, travelled far to see for themselves and also to try to get hold of the mysterious and powerful secrets of Oaska. 

 Arriving at Oaska’s grave, he took a leaf from the tree and said:
“The one that was born in Oaska’s grave, from which they made the tea and gave to Tiuaco, who drank it and died, is called “Chacrona”, which means fearful tea, fearful to those who do not respect it.

Then he went to the tomb of Tiuaco and, finding also a vine there, he trusted that the spirit of the marshal was also there and said:      
 – Tiuaco is “Mariri”. The indigenous word Mariri means marshal. Tiuaco is a marshal. Solomon then took some pieces of the Mariri vine and some leaves of the Chacrona and with them, prepared a tea.
In this historic moment for humanity, he made, the union of Mariri and Chacrona.
Then he said to his vassal Caiano:       
“Caiano, receive this communion and go on to receive the secrets of Oaska and all the mysteries of the union of the plants.”
“When you feel that the power of the tea is too much to the point of not being able to support it, remember Tiuaco, that is Mariri, that is the king of the force.”
Caiano drank and felt Oaska manifesting, and the force grew so much that he, suffocating, remembered the words of his Master and called Tiuaco.
Then Caiano said to Solomon:
“Master, I went into the heavens and saw everything.      
Caiano then became the first Ayahuasca disciple.

The power of Ayahuasca – The Ego Vs the eagle – 02/12/2017


Hello again light seeker.

One month has passed and the time has finally come for me to have my second “shot” of Ayahuasca.

Once again, the whole thing was set up by WhatsApp. The master sent a message telling us the time and place where the session was happening.

We checked on google map and it would take place in the outskirts of London, around two hours from where we live.

This time my wife and I were not so worried about the effect that the tea might have on us, but with our little daughter, as we couldn’t find a babysitter on time and were bringing her along. We did check with the other participants (now friends) and a whole lot of them had kids and used to bring their kids too. Of course, the children don’t participate, but stay all together in a separate room where everybody can see them.

But as soon as we got there, all the worries disappeared . Everybody was very friendly and helpful and any questions we had about the place, the ceremony and the children were explained to us promptly.

Believe it or not, today I understand that I was wrong when I thought that Ayahuasca was a drug and only crazy or dodgy people would get near it.

Drinking the tea was really a fantastic and magic experience and everybody involved with it were simply normal people. They worked, had children, were religious, dressed up normally, basically, they were everything you would expect to see in a “normal” person.

Anyway, we all had a light dinner together (around 30-40 people this time) . We spoke to each other for a while, which was good, as there are people from every single corner of the world  following this path and Jess and I are all pro-diversity.

Around 8PM, we all sat down and the session started. The tea was served, we all drank the tea together at the same time and sat down.

It took around 15 minutes for the hoasca to kick in, so in the mean time, the master read a few verses about the rules of the organization and told a few stories about how the Ayahuasca came to be.

It was then that the visions started. I felt very light and peaceful, so I sat there with my eyes closed and all kinds of colourful shapes started spinning in front of me. Every time I felt overwhelmed by it, I would open my eyes and the visions would go away. (By the way, you don’t lose control of yourself and is aware at all times).

Then I decided to give up and just let the vision take over. That’s what I did. The colourful shapes came back and all of a sudden I felt as if I was one of them, I was spinning as well . The shapes finally took me to this dark and vast place with no walls where an eagle totem stood in front of me. (very much like the one in the picture above)

That’s when I started felling sick. I stood up and rushed to the toilet. As I threw up my lunch, a very spice Japanese curry I had had for lunch, I heard a voice, as if my consciousness was speaking to my soul. It said: – “You shouldn’t eat spice food, it’s not good for you”. To which, me or my ego, if you whish, replied back: “Who said I shouldn’t eat spice food? ” And the voice simply replied – “HE did”

I washed my face, went back to the room and sat down again. As I closed my eyes, the visions came back and the eagle totem kept appearing out of nowhere, as if representing my consciousness . The session went a lot smoother now. I was concentrating on the songs, the teachings and on the questions that the other people in the room were asking the master.

The weird thing is that I felt that all the teaching and messages I was receiving, both from my consciousness and the master, were speaking directly to my soul. Everything was clear and everything was making sense. The peaceful state was still there and honestly, it’s still here after a couple of weeks.

Also, my mind keeps talking to me every time I let my ego get the best of me and start judging someone or have bad thoughts of any kind.

To summarise , Ayahuasca is making me ever aware of myself, which makes a lot easier for me to change myself and became a better person in general. Less materialistic, more forgiving, less judgemental and etc.

I will be writing any significant insights I have in a different post.

But for now, I think it’s safe to say that the session may not always be smooth, but it always seem to end well.

Thanks for reading folks and please feel free to ask any questions and make any comments.

Peace to all



THE FIRST TASTE – 28/10/17


Firstly, let me talk a little bit about myself. My name is Richard (not my real name – for privacy reasons.) I am from Brazil and have always had an special interest in subjects related to the soul and spiritual growth.

After years of going to churches, temples, meditation centres and etc. We together came to the conclusion that conventional religions didn’t quite succeed in explain who or what God really was or even succedded in bringing some meaning and purpose to this empty life that modern times present to us.

It was then that an old friend, whom I hadn’t seen in years, got in touch and told me that he had tried this magical tea and instantly got “converted”. Quite impressive. Considering he had been an atheist since I had known him.

Anyway….he pointed me to this organization here in UK, where they used ayahuaska tea as part of their religious ceremony. We got in touch with them and set up an online interview to discuss medical risks, talk about the organization and etc. We set a date for our introductory session, where we would be drinking the tea for the first time.

That was it, more or less a month later, there I was with my wife in some strange flat in a noble area of London together with another 10 people.

We were both quite scared and didn’t know what to expect, at the end of the day, all we knew about ayahuasca came from documentaries and you tube videos, where most of the time, the person tries the tea once and decides to tell the world their experience. Obviously, more often then never, they don’t know what they are talking about.

So, I decided to create this blog for two reasons.

1. To keep account of my own experiences.

2. To help to bring some clarity to other people also seeking to go down this path.

OK. So let’s get down that moment we have been waiting for.

The person running the session, the master, spoke a little about the organization, played a few songs and then told us to get in line and prepare to receive the tea.

We all got a full glass and waited for the go ahead of the master to drink. Once he gave us the signal, we all downed the whole think at once and sat down.

I could describe my first session as quite frustrating, or at least completely different from what I was expecting.

That is the problem with internet. I read and watched so many videos about it that I was expecting to have a private talk with God after drinking it or at least to see a few unicorns in the room. It turned out to be quite different.

It turns out, Ayahuasca has a will of its own and each person will have a different experience depending on their mental and physical state in that particular moment.

After around 15 minutes from drinking the tea, I became very irritated and a million of thoughts started rushing through my head. I couldn’t concentrate and not even to pay attention to what the master was saying.

I stood up another two times and asked for more, which was given to me promptly. But still, the “enlightenment” never came. Quite the contrary. I drank so much that ended up making myself sick.

The session lasted around 4 hours and I sat there, looking at clock every 5 minutes and cursing the damn tea for making me sick and not giving me what I was expecting. But the mind kept racing.

The clock finally stroke midnight. That was it. The session was over. All the irritability suddenly disappeared and my mind and thoughts slowed down to their normal pace. But with one difference. I was feeling a lot calmer than usual as if I had lifted a weight off my shoulders.

I spoke to the other people in a the room and not one person had a similar experience than the other.

I told the master about my experience and he explained that the tea knows what each person needs and will give you at that moment whatever it feels necessary to help you to improve both physically and spiritually.

I noticed that throughout the next couple of weeks that feeling of peace and quiet stuck with me and I was not so anxious for my second session. (Which turned out to be quite different)

But that’s for another day….

Thanks for reading and I hope to have helped to clear any doubts floating in the minds of any light seekers reading this blog.