THE FIRST TASTE – 28/10/17


Firstly, let me talk a little bit about myself. My name is Richard (not my real name – for privacy reasons.) I am from Brazil and have always had an special interest in subjects related to the soul and spiritual growth.

After years of going to churches, temples, meditation centres and etc. We together came to the conclusion that conventional religions didn’t quite succeed in explain who or what God really was or even succedded in bringing some meaning and purpose to this empty life that modern times present to us.

It was then that an old friend, whom I hadn’t seen in years, got in touch and told me that he had tried this magical tea and instantly got “converted”. Quite impressive. Considering he had been an atheist since I had known him.

Anyway….he pointed me to this organization here in UK, where they used ayahuaska tea as part of their religious ceremony. We got in touch with them and set up an online interview to discuss medical risks, talk about the organization and etc. We set a date for our introductory session, where we would be drinking the tea for the first time.

That was it, more or less a month later, there I was with my wife in some strange flat in a noble area of London together with another 10 people.

We were both quite scared and didn’t know what to expect, at the end of the day, all we knew about ayahuasca came from documentaries and you tube videos, where most of the time, the person tries the tea once and decides to tell the world their experience. Obviously, more often then never, they don’t know what they are talking about.

So, I decided to create this blog for two reasons.

1. To keep account of my own experiences.

2. To help to bring some clarity to other people also seeking to go down this path.

OK. So let’s get down that moment we have been waiting for.

The person running the session, the master, spoke a little about the organization, played a few songs and then told us to get in line and prepare to receive the tea.

We all got a full glass and waited for the go ahead of the master to drink. Once he gave us the signal, we all downed the whole think at once and sat down.

I could describe my first session as quite frustrating, or at least completely different from what I was expecting.

That is the problem with internet. I read and watched so many videos about it that I was expecting to have a private talk with God after drinking it or at least to see a few unicorns in the room. It turned out to be quite different.

It turns out, Ayahuasca has a will of its own and each person will have a different experience depending on their mental and physical state in that particular moment.

After around 15 minutes from drinking the tea, I became very irritated and a million of thoughts started rushing through my head. I couldn’t concentrate and not even to pay attention to what the master was saying.

I stood up another two times and asked for more, which was given to me promptly. But still, the “enlightenment” never came. Quite the contrary. I drank so much that ended up making myself sick.

The session lasted around 4 hours and I sat there, looking at clock every 5 minutes and cursing the damn tea for making me sick and not giving me what I was expecting. But the mind kept racing.

The clock finally stroke midnight. That was it. The session was over. All the irritability suddenly disappeared and my mind and thoughts slowed down to their normal pace. But with one difference. I was feeling a lot calmer than usual as if I had lifted a weight off my shoulders.

I spoke to the other people in a the room and not one person had a similar experience than the other.

I told the master about my experience and he explained that the tea knows what each person needs and will give you at that moment whatever it feels necessary to help you to improve both physically and spiritually.

I noticed that throughout the next couple of weeks that feeling of peace and quiet stuck with me and I was not so anxious for my second session. (Which turned out to be quite different)

But that’s for another day….

Thanks for reading and I hope to have helped to clear any doubts floating in the minds of any light seekers reading this blog.

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