The power of Ayahuasca – The Ego Vs the eagle – 02/12/2017


Hello again light seeker.

One month has passed and the time has finally come for me to have my second “shot” of Ayahuasca.

Once again, the whole thing was set up by WhatsApp. The master sent a message telling us the time and place where the session was happening.

We checked on google map and it would take place in the outskirts of London, around two hours from where we live.

This time my wife and I were not so worried about the effect that the tea might have on us, but with our little daughter, as we couldn’t find a babysitter on time and were bringing her along. We did check with the other participants (now friends) and a whole lot of them had kids and used to bring their kids too. Of course, the children don’t participate, but stay all together in a separate room where everybody can see them.

But as soon as we got there, all the worries disappeared . Everybody was very friendly and helpful and any questions we had about the place, the ceremony and the children were explained to us promptly.

Believe it or not, today I understand that I was wrong when I thought that Ayahuasca was a drug and only crazy or dodgy people would get near it.

Drinking the tea was really a fantastic and magic experience and everybody involved with it were simply normal people. They worked, had children, were religious, dressed up normally, basically, they were everything you would expect to see in a “normal” person.

Anyway, we all had a light dinner together (around 30-40 people this time) . We spoke to each other for a while, which was good, as there are people from every single corner of the world  following this path and Jess and I are all pro-diversity.

Around 8PM, we all sat down and the session started. The tea was served, we all drank the tea together at the same time and sat down.

It took around 15 minutes for the hoasca to kick in, so in the mean time, the master read a few verses about the rules of the organization and told a few stories about how the Ayahuasca came to be.

It was then that the visions started. I felt very light and peaceful, so I sat there with my eyes closed and all kinds of colourful shapes started spinning in front of me. Every time I felt overwhelmed by it, I would open my eyes and the visions would go away. (By the way, you don’t lose control of yourself and is aware at all times).

Then I decided to give up and just let the vision take over. That’s what I did. The colourful shapes came back and all of a sudden I felt as if I was one of them, I was spinning as well . The shapes finally took me to this dark and vast place with no walls where an eagle totem stood in front of me. (very much like the one in the picture above)

That’s when I started felling sick. I stood up and rushed to the toilet. As I threw up my lunch, a very spice Japanese curry I had had for lunch, I heard a voice, as if my consciousness was speaking to my soul. It said: – “You shouldn’t eat spice food, it’s not good for you”. To which, me or my ego, if you whish, replied back: “Who said I shouldn’t eat spice food? ” And the voice simply replied – “HE did”

I washed my face, went back to the room and sat down again. As I closed my eyes, the visions came back and the eagle totem kept appearing out of nowhere, as if representing my consciousness . The session went a lot smoother now. I was concentrating on the songs, the teachings and on the questions that the other people in the room were asking the master.

The weird thing is that I felt that all the teaching and messages I was receiving, both from my consciousness and the master, were speaking directly to my soul. Everything was clear and everything was making sense. The peaceful state was still there and honestly, it’s still here after a couple of weeks.

Also, my mind keeps talking to me every time I let my ego get the best of me and start judging someone or have bad thoughts of any kind.

To summarise , Ayahuasca is making me ever aware of myself, which makes a lot easier for me to change myself and became a better person in general. Less materialistic, more forgiving, less judgemental and etc.

I will be writing any significant insights I have in a different post.

But for now, I think it’s safe to say that the session may not always be smooth, but it always seem to end well.

Thanks for reading folks and please feel free to ask any questions and make any comments.

Peace to all



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