The mythological birth of Ayahuasca – (Just to break the ice in between sessions)

oaskaHello everybody,

I thought it would be interesting to tell a little story here. That’s actually the mythological story that is told within the Ayahuasca circle of how the tea (Which, obtain its properties from the combination of two different plants) came to be.

Of course it’s just a story and does not need to be believed, but if you, like me, are interested in that kind of stuff; I am sure you will enjoy. At the end of the day…no one ever died from knowing too much.

Ohhhh yes. I almost forgot to say. Despite this post not containing any of my visions; Apparently this story was revealed to some of the first Ayahuasca drinkers in a vision a long time ago and that’s how it goes. Enjoy!!!!

In a time before the great flood, there existed a king called king Inca. This king had a counselor, a mysterious woman whose name was Oaska. This woman could see into the future and knew mysteries that no one else did.

The King in turn relied heavily on Oaska’s counselling to make his day to day decisions. But one day Oaska passed and was then buried. After a few days the king, feeling disoriented without his counselor, went to her grave to mourn her just to find that, where Oaska had been buried, an unknown tree, unlike any other, had grew. Examining it, he said:
“If the tree was born in Oaska’s grave, so her name is Oaska.”chacrona

After many and many years, a boy named Tiuaco was born in the kingdom of King Inca. He went so far as to be the King’s trusted marshal. One day the king invited Tiuaco to come and visit Oaska’s grave.

The marshal, hearing of the incident with the mysterious woman, accompanied him. Arriving at Oaska’s grave, the king said:
“What if we made tea from Oaska leaves?” Maybe we could talk to her spirit and know her secrets and mysteries! Let’s try!
He took some leaves, made the tea, and said to Tiuaco:
“Tiuaco, drink the tea and see if you can speak with the spirit of Oaska to learn of her secrets and mysteries.
Tiuaco drank the tea. The force of Oaska then presented itself and grew so much that Tiuaco did not resist and made the passage within the force and the light. The king could do nothing but bury his marshal.
Later, in time, the king also passed and both his name and this story were forgotten. Many, many years later, a boy was born and named Solomon. Salomon was given the gift of science and wisdom.
Solomon was educated in the mysteries of the earth and sky and hearing about the story of the mysterious woman and king Inca, he and his trusted vassal, Caiano, travelled far to see for themselves and also to try to get hold of the mysterious and powerful secrets of Oaska. 

 Arriving at Oaska’s grave, he took a leaf from the tree and said:
“The one that was born in Oaska’s grave, from which they made the tea and gave to Tiuaco, who drank it and died, is called “Chacrona”, which means fearful tea, fearful to those who do not respect it.

Then he went to the tomb of Tiuaco and, finding also a vine there, he trusted that the spirit of the marshal was also there and said:      
 – Tiuaco is “Mariri”. The indigenous word Mariri means marshal. Tiuaco is a marshal. Solomon then took some pieces of the Mariri vine and some leaves of the Chacrona and with them, prepared a tea.
In this historic moment for humanity, he made, the union of Mariri and Chacrona.
Then he said to his vassal Caiano:       
“Caiano, receive this communion and go on to receive the secrets of Oaska and all the mysteries of the union of the plants.”
“When you feel that the power of the tea is too much to the point of not being able to support it, remember Tiuaco, that is Mariri, that is the king of the force.”
Caiano drank and felt Oaska manifesting, and the force grew so much that he, suffocating, remembered the words of his Master and called Tiuaco.
Then Caiano said to Solomon:
“Master, I went into the heavens and saw everything.      
Caiano then became the first Ayahuasca disciple.

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