Third session – The roller coaster of Ayahuasca and its healing powers


Hello Again,

The time has finally come to my third taste of this mysterious and miraculous tea that is Ayahuasca .

This time it was a little different, due to the time of the year, the session revolved around the person of Jesus (Obviously).

This time the session started a little later that usual, 9 o’clock. We all sat down and waited to be called to receive the tea.

I got my glass, a full glass this time, and waited until everybody had been served.

The master gave the signal and we all drank at once. I put my glass away and sat down waiting for the tea to kick in. At this moment, a lot of stuff went through my mind. I was worried about being sick, worried about effect the tea would have on me this time, worried that I might see something unpleasant and so on. It was then that I decided to say a prayer and simply waited without any expectations. (This seem to be the best strategy for someone drinking the tea for the first few times).

In a matter of 10 minutes, I could fell the muscles on my body relaxing, especially on my face.

The master started telling stories about Jesus and singing songs about the divine trinity and the more I tried to concentrate on the teachings, the more irritated I got.

I guess…It’s more or less like going to a regular church. Sometimes you like the sermon, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you like the preacher, sometimes you don’t. Well…In this case, I didn’t like it.

But a few minutes later, all of a sudden, I was loving it. I was felling peaceful and was sitting there paying attention to the session.

And that’s pretty much how the session went until more or less 11’oclock, like a roller coaster.  It was then that the visions started.

I closed my eyes, concentrated on the words being said by the master and tried just enjoy the astral trip.

A lot of psychedelic like images appeared in front of me. Colourful Lines, circles, triangles and etc. Until that a bunch of lines decided to group together and form a lump like shape in front me, to which three holes appeared on its side and from these holes, blood stated to pour out.

That was it for me then, I knew at that moment that I was going to be sick again. I calmly stood up and went to the toilet.

I bent down in front of the toilet and just waited for it. Then it came. Firstly, just water came out, but there was more to come and I was feeling sicker than ever. It was then that a  small blob of blood came out and then again.

Done….that discomfort I had been feeling in my stomach for 2 weeks was gone.

But I heard the voice in my head again: – “You need to eat properly”

From there it was pretty much like going back to the beginning of the session. I was feeling calm, irritated, calm, irritated……. until the session was over.

The master then closed the session and food was served.

And me… usual….overate and packed on the meat AGAIN.

Anyway, It’s been more or less a week now and my stomach is holding up ok.

Also, I have managed to eat a little more healthier and stay away from junkie food, meat and etc.

Let’s see what the next session brings. I am getting anxious already.

Thanks for reading and until next time.




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